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Have you never stopped to think about what exists behind the meats we feed us? Behind the milk we drink? Behind the cheeses, yogurts and eggs we eat?

The answer is that after our feeding, is the challenge of the feeding animal, and we say challenge, since it is a complex world, in which, every day we have to give the best thing of ourselves, to be so competitive as the previous day, and to even get to surpass to us.

The importance of the feeding animal, is behind all the meals that anyone of us we can eat daily. Let us think about it:

  • Meats (pig, calf, etc.)
  • Milky derivatives (yogures...)
  • Last derivatives of the egg

Vicens i Batllori, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, began towards years 1960, with the distribution of basic products for the production of animal food, and was growing little by little, identifying at any moment with the world of the feeding animal, studying its necessities i contributing innovating products, alternative is offering solutions.

Our system of work, consists altogether of surroundings of innovating, creative work and, where day to day we made an effort to offer the components that mark our objectives:

  • An excellent service
  • Products of high quality

Our base to make this task, is the confidence in our clients, who throughout the time, have been trusting our services of distribution i product commercialization of a guaranteed nutricional effectiveness.




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